About us

We are a family owned Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant, offering wide range of Indian meat, vegetable and seafood meals. We use recipes passed down from generations of families from Bangladesh and India to serve you traditional dishes never served in Indian restaurant in Prague before.

Our main objective is to provide great food of the highest quality using only the freshest and finest ingredients prepared to the highest standards. Our kitchen is equipped with modern technology, meeting the highest hygiene standards, including a special Indian clay oven Tandoor.

All dishes are prepared with only natural herbs and spices.

We exclusively use sunflower oil with low cholesterol and the minimum necessary amount of food dyes. We are confident that you’ll enjoy the great food that we offer and the best service that goes with it.

We look after to serving you soon again.

22.10.2013 our restaurant was a guest in "Víkend" tv show broadcasted by TV NOVA. You can see the whole tv show by clicking on the image below.